Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thank You, Will, For Helping Me Get Things Pulled Back Together Here at Webutante

I almost ruined my blog last night by going into my template settings
and trying to make some "minor" changes. It was a near blog-aster.

I was reordering and adding to my links on the right hand sidebar when chaos struck--cutting and pasting on an Apple is not as easy as on a Windows/Dell system. Things got dropped in strange places. Then I tried deleting my indiscretions.

Next thing I knew, my blog looked like it had been to a drunk hairdresser.

I'll do a post on my sidebar changes later. More will be added as I have the nerve and assistance to go back into it one day. But I have been duly humbled.

Am fortunate to have someone in Tennessee---a genius--- who helped me set this blog up and is helping me now from afar to restore it to normal functioning.

It may take a few days to get everything back.

Meanwhile Will, thanks so much!


Pam said...

Oh how funny! Well not really for you I guess! I think I tried to sign onto your blog during it's drunken spree! Things were all in computer code when it came up on my screen! Glad you're back!

I pick Rita and family up at TIA SAt. morning 9:30! Yipee!

W said...

Oh, Pam, am so happy to know that. Please keep us posted on their progress, and know you are all in my prayers!

Bob said...

Sorry about the computer problems. I am lost when I go templating. The only thing I know how to do is add to the blogroll.

Jungle Mom said...