Monday, June 18, 2007

Soon, On the River, Into the Woods but Still On the Wilderness of the Web

I'm here for a few days in the high tech capital of the world (Boulder, CO) and also the liberal---as in lefty leaning politics---center of America. This could be where Al Gore might call heaven some day. My favorite computer has gone on the blink, and the place where I was staying had Internet problems and so I had to move.

I'm altitude and travel lagged, and in need of a day or so of rest and some serious exercise, while catching up with friends here. So it may be a day or two before I'm up and running.

But soon, God willing, I'll be back on the river, into the woods and still on the wildernes of the Web.

North by northwest soon I go, far away from here.


Jungle Mom said...

I understand the computer problems but envy your local!!!

Webutante said...

There's never a time, Rita, that I'm not utterly thrilled to be back in the Rockies at this time of year! Wish I could share this with everyone I care about and love.

A very great blessing for which I am most thankful.

Pam said...

Get your rest sweetie and acclamate! I love the Rockies! I remember driving through as a little girl and then late as a teen. Just beautiful. Colorado is one place my dad always wanted to live. Enjoy the liberal loonies of Boulder!

MizzE said...

You're on your way to Jackson Hole and the environs of Big Sky Country. Prayers for safe travel and hopes for more photographs from you.

w said...

thank you and will send photos as they present themselves....but know, I love all of your photos also...of family, environs etc.

Bob said...

Sorry we could not connect personally yesterday or today. I left directions on my blog, where you had commented, for you to come to the horse-riding show, but I should probably have found a way to email you.