Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Note From A Commenter; Questions I Thought You'd Never Ask

Every now and then a commenter comes along who is pure gold and actually puts you to the test by a searching assumption or question. Such a commenter appeared to me today named William. Because I think his point is interesting and actually well taken, I'm putting it on my front page. And not only that, I am going to respond to it in full. Unfortunately, I have a busy schedule away from the computer most of the day, but I shall not rest until I have addressed his points to my satisfaction at least. But be forewarned, this may take me several posts, or the rest of my life, whichever comes first!
So stay tuned, and thank you William, whoever you are (you're not my former husband are you?):
WILLIAM writes:
"I stumbled upon your blog and after reading your profile, I thought how could this woman be a conservative? Particularly, loving nature, hiking etc... and apparently supporting the worst environmental administration in our lifetime? It didn't make since until I noticed you were part of the Jesus cult . . . then it all made sense.

"From what I've seen around the blogging community - especially in the south, many Bush loyalists/conservatives tend to be devout Christians. The mindset that leads itself to an unquestioning and dogmatic allegiance to Christianity, is the the same mindset that supports a leader who is a professed Christian, despite any and all shortcomings. They will often support him to the end and turn a blind eye to the damage he's done. Typically, bloggers of this mindset will carefully moderate their blog and remove any comments that provide a valid argument or an inconvenient truth - unlike most all liberal blogs.

"Comment moderation has been enabled. Bingo."
Moderation is used to eliminate tasteless, obscene language and mean-spirited, hateful or obsessive, rapid-fire harangues which do nothing to further intelligent discussion or the flow of ideas. When someone through an assault of comments wants to make themselves or me the issue, rather than letting the issue be the issue, then they're no longer welcome here.
However, make no mistake, I and all people who have moderated comments, have the First Amendment privilege to accept or reject any comment that comes to me here at Webutante, for good reason or for no reason at all.


William said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vienna, VA said...

William, our Web and her dozen or so readers are all 30%ers. They are totally and without question loyal to the President and everything he does, and thereby make up the ever shrinking percentage of Americans who still give the President high marks.

Given that, it's easy to understand why she is both a fundamentalist Christian and an environmentalist. To the 30%ers, the "Clear Skies Initiative" is probably just that. It's a noble and worthy attempt by the Bush Administration to clean up the environment. Of course, you and I and the other 70% know that the Clear Skies Initiative does the opposite:

Likewise, the Healthy Forests Initiative is usually viewed as a wonderful way of creating healthy forests, while at the same time, cutting down on forest fires. Of course, it's really just a way for logging companies to increase their access to national forests:

The 30%ers seem to favor style over substance, a fancy title over meaningful proposals, faux patriotism rather than the real thing. It's why Fred Thompson is doing so well - he looks good on teevee, drives a red pickup, and has "a lot of ideas" about what he'd do as President. It's not necessary for him to list them - it's apparently good enough that he's got them. He's the perfect candidate for the 30%ers.

William said...

Precisely vienna,

A shallow understanding is required to be loyal to policies that depend on smoke and mirrors to fool the public into thinking they're getting something beneficial... but in the final anaylsis, simply just offer a lessening of environmental regulations and enforcement - payback to big energy, timber companies and the like for political campaign support. All one has to do is enter the words "Bush" and "environment" to learn the reality. The only good news you'll get will be from those very companies or ''.

How long will your or my comment stay up before it's deleted?

Vienna, VA said...

Well, I'm one to give credit where credit is due. Webby is pretty good about allowing comments from "the other side" on her blog, which certainly sets her apart from her counterparts like Malkin, Powerline, Instapundit and the like. Having said that, my experience is that those who disagree with her (like me) usually end up labeled as anti-American liberals who hate everything about America.

William said...

I don't know about that, the second comment I left on this blog was deleted and it contained absolutely no " tasteless, obscene language and mean-spirited, hateful harangues".

I just referenced my own blog, a post where I've attempted to understand and analyze the psychological profile of the 30%ers. You might find it interesting.