Monday, June 11, 2007

Iran and Its "Resistance Front" Allies

Flags of Iran's "World Resistance Front" nations are pictured above.
These are flags of countries Iran considers her greatest allies, aka our greatest enemies. Iran calls them its resistance front allies, and they include:
Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Palelstine (Gaza) all in the Middle East, North Korea in Asia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba all in South and Central America, Sudan and Zimbabwe in Africa and Belarus in the old Russian Empire.
Who knew? Let's see, aren't these countries that are free, peaceful, calm, and economically booming? Oh no wait! They're the saddest, poorest, most economically and politically deprived dictatorships on the face of the earth, where freedom goes to die...the real axis of evil to the rest of the world and to the human spirit.
And you know how misery loves company. They want us all to join them in bondage, poverty and hopelessness.
These countries are exporting terror, mayhem. genocide and WMDs to the rest of the world. They're the ones the USA and its allies most need to deal with because they want to destroy our way of life. Oh and, they don't have a very keen sense of humor either.
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Jungle Mom said...

I think i will link to this tomorrow. If I can get to a computer.

Pam said...

I'm telling ya'! Americans better wake up and be ever so cautious as to whom they place in the White House come 2008! It's a scary world. I think Fred would be great!