Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ahhh, The Sins of Our Youth,

This bumper sticker caught my eye the other day in the parking lot of Wild Oats Market. It's one of those stickers I love to hate and causes me to roll my eyes back in my head. Actually, it was a little potpourri of offensive slogans on a bright red Prius-like car. So I rolled my eyes and then went for my camera.

But, far be it from me to cast the first, big stone, since I was once a sixties liberal and espoused all the "ism" ideals au current at the time. Just give me another 'ism' and I'd embrace it, many years ago. (Though I never cared to put the manifestation of it on my bumper.)

But then reality bit. And reality can have very sharp teeth.

It bit all of us on 9-11.

Long before the attacks however, I began to see with new eyes. Thank God I was delivered from such foolishness and know now there is no co-existing with evil, or appeasing those who want to wipe us or others off the face of the earth. (Mr. Olmert, are you ever going to get it? )

The "wouldn't it be nice" bumper sticker above can best be viewed to the "wouldn't it be nice" Beach Boys music below, a real blast from our "wouldn't it've been nice until reality bit" past.

Peace on Earth will happen one day, but not until Christ comes again, as He surely will. That's Jesus Christ, not Al Gore, Hillary, Barack Obama or even Fred. May we all be ready--not just with bumper stickers on our cars, but by truly turning to Him.


William said...

Sounds familiar, like my parents denegrating the hippies while supporting Nixon and the Vietnam war.

Are you pushing for Olmert to nuke the Iranians, or what?

It took Saddam 18 years to kill an estimated 300,000 Iraqis. It took Bush 4 years to botch an invasion, lose control of a country that has resulted in the deaths of over a half million and become a breeding ground for terrorists. A holocaust by any other name. How's that for good christian ethics?

Webutante said...
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Pam said...

Laughing here and would just love a translation of your response there Web!!

I did love the song you chose to go with the fuzzywuzzy bumper sticker! You're so creative girlfriend!

William said...

Yes, I guess killing IS a christian virtue.

“Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones” (Psalms 137:9)

"Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death." (Exodus 21:17)

" The Lord commanded Moses, and they slew all the males." (Numbers 31:7)

Vienna, VA said...

William, I appreciate your efforts here. I've been in your shoes. I tried to represent the other side here, usually because the echo chamber was so loud - and very often completely wrong - and I felt it was necessary to at least try to present an opposing view.

Without going into a lot of detail, despite posing questions here and making comments for nearly three months, never attacking anyone personally, always trying to present my view in a rational manner, I was branded both a "liberal" and "anti-American" for asking a question about the war. I've got no problem with the liberal description. But anti-American??? Not so much - and not just because I'm a military spouse.
I just think it's incredibly uncool. Having different opinions is what democracy is about. I guess expecting everyone to think the same isn't my cup of tea. I hear it's popular in communist countries and dictatorships, though.

Anyways, good luck. If you're anything like me, you'll probably give up in the end - because life is too short to be bothered trying to explain why facts are important to people who view facts as the enemy, ranking just behind liberals, teachers unions and hollywood elites (Fred Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and other conservatives notwithstanding) as the most dangerous elements in we face in America today.

Webutante said...

Hocine bibo aut in eum digitos insero?

Vienna, VA said...
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Webutante said...

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.

To replace deleted comment above.

Vienna, Va said...

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

That about sums it up.

Vienna, Va.


Vienna, For over thiry years, I saw with the same eyes that you do. Then one day, I was blinded by another Light and now am truly blind to what I once saw and believed, that is still your reality.


Jungle Mom said...

I have missed alot!!!