Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hillary, Dillary, Dock; Immigration, Swimmigration

Mike Luchovick. hat tip, Pajamas Media.

UPDATE: Last weekend, Larry Kudlow said this about Hillary's plans to "help" the economy:

"Rudy blasted Hillary’s tax hike plan yesterday calling it an “astounding, staggering tax increase.” Good for him. Hillary’s been out proclaiming her government redistributionist message of “shared prosperity.”

"Her growth-paralyzing solution? Increase taxes on Americans making more than $200K a year.

"This is France before Sarkozy stuff."

"Incidentally, Hillary’s tax hike plan would slaughter somewhere around 25 million small, owner-operated businesses. How’s that for sound economic policy?"

What, praytell, are you thinking, Sir?

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