Monday, June 11, 2007

Steve Gill's New Book on Fred Thompson Is a Must Read

Anyone who's interested in getting to know potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson better--- his history, positions, and possible path to the White House in the year ahead----should get and read this short, newly released primer by Middle Tennessee conservative radio host, Steve Gill.

It's a quick and simple read, but chocked full of facts and information. And, for me, it brings back many political memories going back thirty or so years. I had forgotten how instramental Fred was in bringing down one of Tennessee's most corrupt administrations, that of then Democrat Gov. Ray Blanton who sought to pardon many convicted criminals in exchange for money in his pockets near the end of his term in office. I headed a citizen conservation group here during that time and had to have a good deal of contact with Blanton's higher-ups who were blantantly corrupt. It was shameful time in our state's political history.

I often listen to Steve when tooling around town in my car and finally met him in person several weeks ago. Writing "The Fred Factor, How Fred Thompson May Change the Face of the '08 Campaign," Gill has done a service to Fred, voters who want to be better informed, political writers and bloggers, and his own reputation.

A link to Steve's website can be found here. I'll be blogging in the months ahead based in large part on information in Gill's book. Thanks, Steve, for doing this good book in record time.

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