Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bruce Willis on Fred, Does Celebrity Endorsement Matter To Voters? Candidates?

"He's a really good guy, he's a straight shooter," says Bruce.

Does it mean anything?

It shouldn't for real people who decide on issues rather than emotions and superficialities. This says more about Bruce than it does Fred. But I like what it says about Bruce, sort of.

Coming soon, a brief survey of what some Westerners I have met along the way think of Fred Thompson and his chances of becoming the next president. I will be updating this survey weekly while I'm in the West.


River Cocytus said...

I do like Fred, and I think he has what it takes, but I often wonder. He reminds me of an updated version of an Eisenhower or such.

I think, possibly, he and Rudy could make a dream team... but like Bruce said, probably too early to tell.

Pam said...

You're so right.This does say more about Bruce than Fred!!! Don't you love Bruce Willis' soft voice???