Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Are Blogs An Early Warning Signal for Politicians, Even More Than Polls?

Here's a great piece at Ace of Spades on the blogosphere. Politicians should pay more heed, not because we're brilliant, in fact many of us are morons, but well, just because we do often reflect public opinion and often we articulate the reasons we reflect that opinion.

As for the amensty without security (immigration) issue Ace says:

"We are desperately attempting to get the attention of the Republican Party (and, also, the establishment Democrats willing to sell out sovereignty and blue-collar workers for some votes from "newcomers"). We are collectively pleading with you: Do not do this, or we will be forced to vote against you or sit out the next election, and yes, indeed, we are quite serious about this. This is the Rubicon, the last straw, the ultimate insult, the final nerve.

But they're not listening. Useless humps like Trent Lott are so used to legislating in secret and without public scrutiny that they've come to believe that doing so is their actual right, and that democratic pressure from the public is some sort of usurpation of the Divine Right of Legislators.

I will say it again: Do. Not. Do. This. If You Value. Your Political Lives. Don't consider it a threat; consider it an intervention."

Well said, Ace. And while we're at it I have a few suggestions for Fred Thompson soon.....


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