Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fred Is About to Launch Himself July 4 in Nashville

As I predicted in a previous post, Fred Thompson is almost done laying the ground work for his July 4 official announcement in Nashville that he's running for president.

He's setting up his national headquarters in Nashville, as he should, and getting his startup committees operational. You better believe that the fund raising machine is getting in high gear. And you can also believe that Thompsom will jettison himself off to Iowa sooner rather than later.

The dems are afraid, very afraid, and are already bring out the heavy artillery to discredit any and everything they can. Look for Fred to use his legal background and extraordinary gift of gab to one by one discredit his detractors.

And already Fred's past lobbying history is being scrutinized, with commentary by Protein Wisdom.

Will add more to this post later in the day.


Calvin said...

where do i sign up to help?

pam said...

Ha, afraid? Celebrating! We've seen what 8 years of a redneck president has done for us, you think America is stupid enough to be fooled again? To elect a "war president" with lobbying ties to the tobacco industry, energy companies, asbestos manufacturers; and also running the defense fund for convicted felon Scooter Libby? Idon't think so. Excellent candidate, bring 'im on!!