Saturday, June 30, 2007


Fly fishing on a high mountain stream is for people who think there are far too many words, even good words, in the world.

Tough day on the river. It wasn't the fishing, the water, the flies, or the weather. Pure and simple it was alcohol (vodka to be exact) and a most unpleasant decision to walk away from a man who, in my opinion, was drinking far too much, far too early in the day. I've never mixed alcohol and fishing (or driving or anything else)---especially the kind of walking/wading I/we prefer. This holds for me, the clients, family and friends I've fished with over the years. I don't make exceptions on this. There are simply too many possibilities for accidents, falling and drowning, not to mention getting mixed up with grizzly bears as it is, without tipping the balance any further.

I'm no prude, however, today, I was faced with a most painful situation with a friend, and sadly walked away from it and him. And now I'm turning in to dream of better days ahead.


Mizz E said...

WYO xH says Moran is beautiful - even more beautiful than the Big Horn Mountains, so it must be heaven for you. Are there any of those delicious little wild strawberries growing close by?

Webutante said...

mizz e, how did you know my heart is Moran? It is stunningly beautiful. But no there are no little strawberries here, only huckleberries, and the bears love em.

So we don't have poisonous snakes, but we do have grizzlies.

Mizz E said...

Imbibing while fly fishin'? Walking away is a good call.

I'm wondering what defenses you would employ if faced with an angry grizz.

Webutante said...

M, I'll try to write a post on some grizzly incidents I've had over the year... but off the top of my hat, I've never had a incident with an angry bear, only with a bear being a wild bear, and that's a good thing.

Where I live, bears are hunted on a limited basis and so the natural fear of man is in them. It's where bears have lost their natural fear of man that they become dangerous.

And whoa to the bear who's tasted M&Ms and goes hunting for them...he's a dead bear walking.....and you just hope you're not the candy source he's looking for until he meets his maker......

Pam said...

You made the right choice here Web, in walking away. Hope your next days are better. Enjoy the beauty! WOW!!!

Anxiously awaiting them thar bear tales!