Friday, June 15, 2007

Angelina Jolie, A Woman Who Needs To Be in Control

Sometimes exercising our First Amendment right of discrimination, as Angelina has done with the press coverage of A Mighty Heart shows what control freaks we really are. She may be within her rights, but it sure shows her strong need to manage impressions and be in control.

Left-leaning actress Angelina may have left-leaning Brad in her hip pocket through strong sexual attraction, but not the world at large. She's gorgeous but has gotten a free pass for far too long on her looks and star power. The movie has gotten rave reviews, so why in the world does she need to be so heavy handed with the press?


MizzE said...

I had to google the MSM to get the lowdown on this event. She folded when the press, rightly, did not go along with her terms of engagement.

The film sounds like it promises to deliver an accurate dramatization of events that led to Daniel Pearl's brutal murder.

MizzE said...

Update to my previous comment:

Charles at LGF has a post today about CAIR co-hosting an upcoming screening of the film.

....."from all appearances, the film is a “progressive” disaster; they’ve apparently turned the story of Pearl’s brutal beheading at the hands of Islamic terrorists into a moonbat parable on “global truth and understanding.”.....(LGF)

Webutante said...

Why doesn't that surprise me!

CAIR, where objective truth goes to die....