Thursday, June 21, 2007

Israel, Stuck in the Middle

Earth to Olmert: No more land giveaways for peace. What sounds like a good idea at the time has always been to your great long-term disadvantage. No! to giving away the West Bank to the Palestinians. No! to making saints out of Fatah and a hero out of Abbas.

Now that Iran-in-bed with Hamas has taken over Gaza to the south of you, you're surrounded on all sides by Iran. Iran-in-bed with Hezbollah to the north of you in Lebanon, Iran-in-bed with Syria to the northeast, and you're ever more stuck in the middle.

Suicide bombers to the left of you, rockets to the right, you're stuck in the middle. Deeper and deeper stuck in the middle.

Do you really think giving away the West Bank to the Palestinian Fatah will settle things? It's wishful thinking on your part. And it seems like naivete on the part of President Bush.

How long, oh how long can you keep sticking yourself in the middle without even more devastating effects?

Iran-in-bed with Hamas could be in control of the West Bank in several years.

And you're getting stuck deeper and deeper in the middle, as things line up for a larger war ahead.


I want to link to a post today on Bill O'Reilly's blog that certainly gives another in depth point of view. It's well worth reading.

In the post, written by the intelligence firm Stratfor, Israel's relationship with Egypt is emphasized more than its relationship with Iran. Very interesting indeed and oh so complex.

And yet another very good post, this one by Canadian columnist David Warren, on how Turkey might yet fit into the future conflagration.


Tom Blogical said...

This does seem very troubling. Israel needs a strong leader, not an appeaser. I really wasn't sure who to "cheer" for, Hamas or Fatah. It was a bit like choosing between Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Good post.

W said...

That's the best analogy I've ever heard, Tom!