Thursday, June 21, 2007

Non-Stunner, MSM Give to Liberals 9-1 More Than to Conservatives

So what else is new? Is anyone really surprised?

I can only say if you're interested in seeing details, then click this link and graze a bit on it. Well worth perusing in my opinion. And lest we ever think the Wall Street Journal is really on the conservative side, then do check out its journalists donations. Its dumb and getting dumber, especially on its editorial pages.

Hat tip, Drudge.


pam said...

Considering most college educated urban dwelling professionals are liberal, a double non-stunner. I think you'd find the reverse if you polled truck mechanics and pig farmers.

Vienna VA said...

If you honestly think that the Wall Street Journal isn't conservative, wow. That's pretty amazing. Hard to imagine what publication out there would pass your test of being conservative.

Webutante said...

Vienna, I find the editorial page of the WSJ getting more liberal all the time, but truthfully I don't read that newspaper very often. It simply doesn't much interest me.

My pick as number one conservative newspaper in this country is Investors Business Daily, published in Orange County, CA by one of the smartest men on the planet, Bill O'Neill.

I have been reading it for years, and at first only to learn how to wisely invest in the stock market. But then years later I started reading the editorial pages and began to learn so many things I never knew as a liberal.

It has been one of the most influential publications in my life. Pick it up sometimes and take a look.

Vienna VA said...

Tell ya what, Web, when you start branching out into publications that are even remotely to the left of the WSJ editorial page, I'll take a gander at the Investors Business Daily. I promise you, you won't be struck by lightening if you pick up the Washington Post once in a while.

The Business sections of the WP and NYT are alright with me.
Doesn't take a bias of any kind to report on the gains and losses on either the DJI or NASDAQ, and we've done quite well on our government salary (not welfare, mind you) investing with the help of those two papers (among other sources).

W said...

I have read the Washington Post and NYT for decades, and used to work for one of the most liberal newspapers in the South. I am not going to say it again, I was a card carrying liberal like you are today, with all the trappings for years. And never set out to become a conservative. But now I am.

But then I never expected to be a fly fishing guide or a blogger one day either!

Life can have some interesting twists and turns.

Vienna VA said...

I know, I know, you used to be a liberal. I got it. All I'm saying is that you can STILL be a conservative and read things that are not necessarily conservative. Getting multiple viewpoints is a good thing for all of us.

And just for the record, I'm not a card carrying liberal. I'm more middle of the road I suppose. Whether that entitles me to any trappings remains to be seen. Which ones did you get?