Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday, Lon Solomon Tells the Amazing Story of His Conversion to Christ

Lon Solomon, Senior Pastor at McLean Bible Church in Tysons Corner, Virginia, tells his fascinating conversion story here.

If you only have time for but one inspirational thing today, take time to listen to this. Completely amazing story!

Lon was born and raised in a Jewish home in Portsmouth, VA. While in college, Lon’s life became a relentless search for meaning and purpose. He sought to fill the void he felt on the inside with fraternity life, partying, gambling, and he even developed a serious drinking problem. When all this failed to supply the inner peace he was seeking, Lon became deeply involved in drugs, both as a user and a distributor.

He turned to “spiritual” things at this point, diving into psychedelics, Eastern religions and even attempting a return to mainstream Judaism. But all this failed to resolve his inner turmoil, and he decided that suicide was the only reasonable way out. It was at this time that Lon met a street evangelist in Chapel Hill who began to talk to him about Jesus Christ. God worked powerfully through months of interaction with this man, resulting in Lon’s decision to accept Jesus as his personal Savior and Messiah in the spring of 1971.

Lon is a marvelous example of God’s transforming power in action.

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William said...

I stumbled upon your blog and after reading your profile, I thought how could this woman be a conservative? Particularly, loving nature, hiking etc... and apparently supporting the worst environmental administration in our lifetime? It didn't make since until I noticed you were part of the Jesus cult . . . then it all made sense.

From what I've seen around the blogging community - especially in the south, many Bush loyalists/conservatives tend to be devout Christians. The mindset that leads itself to an unquestioning and dogmatic allegiance to Christianity, is the the same mindset that supports a leader who is a professed Christian, despite any and all shortcomings. They will often support him to the end and turn a blind eye to the damage he's done. Typically, bloggers of this mindset will carefully moderate their blog and remove any comments that provide a valid argument or an inconvenient truth - unlike most all liberal blogs.

Comment moderation has been enabled. Bingo.