Monday, June 25, 2007

Mr. Global Charming, Unhinged, Again

In characteristic fashion, Al Gore, Mr. Global Charming, has gotten his paddle out and this time he's taking scientists to the woodshed for a little tongue lashing he hopes they'll not soon forget. But lest you think he diverges from his script, all tirades do indeed lead back to his global nemesis Bush Vader, and this one's no exception.

You'll find his ho-hum hot rant here in The Independent.

If you like your weekly swig of Al Gore carbonated, then this one's for you, Bud.

Looks like it's going to be a long, hot summer.

Come on, Al, chill for a while. Eat some watermelon, take a plunge in the pool, pop a cool one, go play with some penguins. Does the word R-E-L-A-X mean anything to you?

We hear you and have heard you time and time again. You're beginning to sound like Cindy Sheehan.

Our earthly point of no return may be only ten years away, but yours, dear Al, is fast approaching within the next ten minutes with me.


UPDATE: Al, someone wants to make a wager with you.


pam said...

These discussions and this silly bet about what the climate is going to do in the next ten years show 2 things:

1) People don't understand basic concepts of global climate change science and statistics. Looking at what happens in terms of decades is silly. Meaningful trends are established over thousands of years, not decades.

2) While Gore's right about the dire nature of the present climate change event, saying that we have ten years to a comply with a solution before a tipping point is reached is equally silly. While the cause is noble, it is unrealistic and likely would be ineffective to stem the present global warming situation, certainly in the next 100 years.

From what the science tells us, the present warming trend and rate of CO2 rise has already been established. Such a rate of CO2 rise is unprecedented on earth within the short time modern humans have been here - about 2 million yrs. The so-called tipping point has likely been reached and yes, it's clear Bush is a major polluter, but China is worse and to expect all nations to suddenly curtail fossil fuel burning is an impossibility.

I agree with Web. Hey Al, live it up, these are the good times. The catastrophic impacts of global warming will be felt long after we're gone. Unless you have land on the south FL coast you intend to bequeath to your great grand kids, not to worry.

Pam said...

AMEN Web! I wish he would just go away already!

Are you still in Wyoming?

Webutante said...

That we are in a warming trend cannot b denied. But I do not think it is man made, as Al does, nor do I think we can effect its process.

And pam, yes, I am and will be writing from Wyoming for a while....

pam said...

"But I do not think it is man made, as Al does, nor do I think we can effect its process."

How do explain the exact correlation between the beginning of fossil fuel burning and the astonishingly abrupt rate of CO2 rise - unprecedented since the advent of mankind? It takes something to trigger such an abrupt rise. This is not a natural phenomenon as we have seen from ice core samples from 600,000+ years that show cyclical rise and fall of CO2 that corresponds to ice ages. CO2 has risen more since fossil fuel burning in 100 years than in any previous ice age cycle lasting thousands of years. If you don't understand the science, don't use a political argument to deny it. Remaining in denial may serve a political agenda, but it does not serve reality.

Mankind could affect a change theoretically, but it'll never happen. It is wholly impractical and impossible. As you know, it would cause more harm than good in the short term. Mankind is too spoiled and dependent on the status quo to make such changes that would benefit our decendents many generations into the future. Just as you pointed out with lifestyle, most humans will not leave their comfort zone to achieve a long term goal.

W said...

There is no conclusive evidence that CO2 is indeed causing warming, even if it is rising.

This from the Heartland Institute:

Similarly, the claim that increased carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is causing "global warming" has been accepted as "fact" in many countries worldwide. This belief has no more scientific foundation than the bloodletting of past generations.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide may be gradually rising, but there is no compelling evidence that such a modest rise in CO2, which still comprises significantly less than 1 percent of the Earth's atmosphere, will have any substantial negative effect on the Earth's environment.

Scientists Ignored

Activists have successfully pressured governments to declare CO2 a pollutant and to take drastic measures to reduce the amount entering the atmosphere. By contrast, little publicity is given to the large number of qualified scientists who strongly contest the claims of the advocacy groups. These scientists contend that if CO2 plays any part in global warming, it is so insignificant that it can barely be measured, let alone be the major cause.


Is CO2 anything more than a political issue. I don't know but tend strongly to think, even if it's rising, it's not the factor the AlGore's of the world think it is.

pam said...

Thanks Web,

You must be proud, as a health conscious individual for citing the "Heartland Institute" - the tireless advocate of 'smokers rights' and our most polluting industries ... with a board that includes members of Philip Morris, GM, Amoco, ExxonMobile, need I go on?

You can quote this with a straight face? - "such a modest rise in CO2"?

So, the ice core samples are lying? The projections of ocean and air temperature rise by 8 groups of independent and government scientists in the UK, Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada and the US are all a liberal conspiracy? OMG!

Wow is all I can say. You're amazing.

BTW, today I see Bush appointee J. Steven Griles, the former No. 2 official in the Interior Department - a mining lobbyist whose job was stewardship of America's environment was sentenced to prison today for obstruction of justice. Great stewards of the environment Bush has provided us, don't you think?

W said...

The connection has not been made, except by Al and Company, that CO2 is the cause of this warming trend. The science is far, far from settled or unanimous.

It may be coincidental, or it may be CO2 has risen as a result of the warming, triggered by any number of things, like sun activity etc. However, I am not by a long shot ready to bite the global warming conventional wisdom.

I have lived through so many of these alarming predictions and none of them have ever been born out. My background is in environmental engineering.

Time will of course tell.

Also, when people like you tend to give away so much power through hate to a man like George Bush, I
have to think there is a lot of projection going on from other aspects in your life. I mean what did Clinton and Gore do for eight years....and what about Congress and state government? There is a balance of power in our form of government.

It sounds like Bush is some kind of father figure whom you've endowed with magical powers for good and evil. He's a man for heavens sake. and the next president will have a jillion projections also and in his own way will prove he's just a man also.

Nuff said here.

Bob said...

I heard somewhere that Al gets $175,000 per speech. I think it was Dean Barnett subbing for Hugh Hewitt. Dean offered to give a speech for half that sum, and he promised it would be more entertaining.

Vienna VA said...

The only person making nearly $175 grand per speech is Rudy Guliani. He gave a speech at OSU last year and was paid $100,000 plus the use of a private jet, which cost $47,000. Those big paying speaking engagements might explain why the ISG had to fire him for not bothering to show up for meetings.