Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday: Triumphal Entry of Jesus On the Way to The Cross, Before He Forever Bridged the Chasm Between A Righteous God and Sinful Man

On Palm Sunday we celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem for the last time.
It would be the last week of His life before the events of his Crucifixtion and Resurrection in which he overcame the estranging power of sin and death, for all of humanity, for all time.
The last week before He bridged the chasm---for once and for all---between God the Father and fallen mankind separated by our sin.
But his followers believed Jesus was about to be crowned as a political king who would subsequently overthrow the oppressive Roman rule the Jews had been living under for far too long.
They would be very wrong. Their idea of Jesus was far too small, as was their view of their own sinful nature and need to repent for God's forgiveness, grace and redemption.
While waving palm fronds as Jesus rode into Jerusalem, His followers never dreamed that Jesus was about to be falsely accused, rejected and put to death in the most horrendous of ways. Or that He was about to fulfill God's far greater purpose: to overcome sin and death for once and for all and make it possible for man to have a personal relationship with God through Christ.

As a result of Christ's soon-to-be-completed work on the Cross, God could offer us the inestimable gifts of forgiveness and eternal life. And we could then choose to freely accept them, through repentance and faith, or reject them.
And so it is we celebrate Palm Sunday and the real promise of Easter: That Christ came to be a Bridge, the only Bridge, over the chasm of separation between a righteous God and fallen mankind.
And, Lon Solomon talks about the meaning of the Risen Christ to man.
Palm Sunday is about the coming of the greatest event in all of human history: a Risen Christ, an Eternal Bridge, for an undeserving mankind to come back into a living relationship with a Righteous God, for now and evermore.
Christ is the Way, the only Way, the only Bridge, that God has ever provided us to cross the chasm of separation back into the fullness of Life with Him. And Palm Sunday helps us anticipate this miracle of miracles.

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