Saturday, March 31, 2007

1000 Words

This kind of photo doesn't get a lot of play in the anti-Bush MSM, but it's worth its weight in gold here. I am a great supporter of our President.

From Don Surber's blog:

"One of the most touching photos in years taken by an AP photographer moved across the wires last night and few newspapers published it. The Daily Mail did. It showed President Bush helping Robert Byrd walk.

"The occasion was the overdue awarding of a congressional Gold Medal to the Tuskegee airmen who served in World War II. There is irony there.

"But there also is compassion from President Bush. This may be why the photo received so little play in the newspapers today."

Hat tip: Instapundit

More on the Tuskegee Airmen and their long-over due award.


Anonymous said...

"there is irony there"...

Ironic because while the Tuskegee airmen bravely served in WWII, the Chimper dodged service in Vietnam by joining the "Champagne Unit" of the Texas Air National Guard?

Pam said...

I love this picture! Thanks so much for sharing! Also, may I snag it for my blog? I will be sure to give you a hat-tip!

Webutante said...

Pam, I think this photo need sharing as it won't be seen in the MSM! Best wishes.