Friday, March 16, 2007

Saturday: Hiking to the Top of Masada

Saturday is our last full day in Israel and we can each choose how we want to spend it before flying back to New York early Sunday morning.
My choice is an easy one: I'm driving down along the Dead Sea to Masada with three of the younger men on the trip from Allantown, PA and we're hiking to the top. They're two doctors and a lawyer---my kind of demographics---and everyone appears to be in good shape.
Interestingly, these men don't have wives who would dream of making this hike and so they can't imagine that I---a mid-lifed woman---can make it to the top or would even want to. Who knows, maybe they're right.

But now that they've hounded, challenged and insulted me, I have no choice but to go and stand up for myself and my age group as best as I can!
Don't throw me in the briar patch, fellows.


Ken Willis said...

I ran to the top of Masada in the Spring of 2002. My friends were on the tram which didn't leave for about 20 minutes so I got to the top the same time they did. It's only 400 meters [up, that is] When you are at the top you are at sea level. It was a fabulous trip.

I wonder if your tour guide, if you had one, gave a talk on the history. We had a retired colonel from the IDF who made a strong case that the 900 or so Jews that were there would never have committed suicide as is popularly believed. But no evidence has been found one way or the other.

Don't forget to buy some black soap. You know what it did for Cleopatra.

Ken Willis said...

Just read your other posts. Makes me remember how I fell in love with Israel when I was there.
Ken Willis
Jackson, Wyoming

Webutante said...

Ken, Running up in 20 minutes is quite a feat! You must be a high altitude runner. We made it up the 1,100 feet gain in about 50 minutes. I and the guys found it short, steep and invigorating. Was especially nice doing it before going to the airport and 20 hours of incarceration at gates and in tightly packed planes.

Wedid have a great guide who gave us much history too.

Ken Willis said...

I didn't make it 20 minutes, I had a 20 minute head start on the tram so you have to add the time that the tram takes to my time. I think the tram takes about 12 minutes or so.

Webutante said...

Oh, I see. Still that's a great time up! BTW, there's a new tram we came down on which takes 3.5 minutes both up and down.