Friday, March 02, 2007

Vanderbilt Chancellor Gee and His Liberal Wife Constance Call it Quits

It doesn't come as a surprise, really, that the Gees are divorcing.
Rumors have been swirling around Vanderbilt University's golden couple---Chancellor Gordon and Mrs. Constance Gee---for months, ever since the Wall Street Journal ran a front page article on them and their extravagant lifestyles last fall.
He---the debonair rock star/chancellor/fund raiser extraordinaire who draws the highest salary of any university head in the country, if not in all of the free world. His supporters say his fund raising track record calls for this stratospheric salary.
She---the liberal/feminist second wife and first lady of the University, as well as tenured professor, who increasingly has used her classroom and official residence as soapboxes for her far left-leaning liberal politics. She ordered the flag lowered to half-mast at the mansion when Bush was re-elected, and protested vociferously the appearance of Condolezza Rice at a university function last year.
They--the popular couple who could do no wrong , early on, remoded the official residence oppulently and then proceeded to entertain and live there lavishly. They have repeated this renovation style project at every university the Gordon has taken on the helm.
All seemed to be going quite well until the bills started rolling in greatly over-budget and her secret marijuana habit started leaking out to the Vanderbilt Board of Trustees and the WSJ.
Suffice it to say, no one was amused, though the University went into damage control with the media and alumni, after the WSJ left no stone unturned in revealing their secrets.
I got my two cents worth in last fall here on Webutante after the WSJ story broke in early October.
While, I am sorry for any divorce, theirs included, I can't help thinking this will be best for my old alma mater Vanderbilt University---its students and alumni---in the short and long run. And I can't help wondering if Chancellor Gee's job will be the next to go.
But stay tuned.

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