Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weekend: Heading to Israel Today

I'm leaving for Israel later today, flying to Tel Aviv tonight.

It is my second trip to the Holy Land. And my first trip taking a computer abroad. Heaven only knows whether anything will work over there, but if all goes well, I intend to do some blogging from this fascinating part of the globe, the Center of the World and History in my opinion.

If you have a chance this weekend, go and see the wonderful movie "Amazing Grace," about how William Wilberforce fought to end both the slave trade and slavery in the 18/19th century British Empire. We fought it out in the Civil War, but one man with conviction fought the war in Parliament and ultimately won, with the help of a former slave trader and converted Christian, John Newton, and his friend William Pitt, the youngest Prime Minister in that country's history.

An amazing story filled with Grace. In any language, it's still amazing. One of the greatest stories never told, until now. Don't miss it.


Faith said...

Good Morning!
I caught your note on Joel Rosenberg's site. You sound quite interesting and very well written! I enjoyed reading through some of your previous posts!
I just wanted to say Godspeed to you on your trip. I know that many of us on the blog will cover you in our prayers!
God Bless!

Webutante said...

Thank you, Faith.

Aren't Joel's books and blog fascinating!

God bless.

Jungle Mom said...

Cant wait to hear from you!

Grace said...

I also saw your post on Joel's website and agree with Faith completely.

I am looking forward to reading what you have to tell about this wonderful mission. I will add you to my prayer list.

Do visit us on Joel's blog. We have become quite a close knit family.

In Him,