Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Presidents Who Love Too Much

Like a battered woman who keeps going back for more abuse, Clinton just couldn't get enough of Yasser's cheatin heart and lies....ditto Jimmy Carter.
This image reflects my sentiments exactly. Too bad we couldn't have arranged an intervention and treatment program before Bill had Baruk give away the heart and guts of Israel to Arafat the Abuser, who couldn't even keep a straight face as he licked his chops and took all he could get his hands on, even as he stepped up his terroist activities against Israel.
Think about it: The Temple Mount---the holiest place on earth for Jews and Christians alike---is controlled today by Muslims.
Utterly outrageous! Thanks Bill, you ole negotiator you.


rex said...

I too share your respect and admiration for the state of Israel and its people.

I have always felt this way about Israel, for no particular reason other than, possibly, the natural sympathy one feels for an underdog in a fight.

Then I read two books by Herman Wouk: The Hope, and The Glory. What fantastic stories; after reading them, I knew why I admired and respected this courageous country and its people.

Webutante said...

Thank you for the great book ideas. I'll put them on my summer reading list...

Jungle Mom said...

This picture is so creepy! I have no love lost for Jimmy Carter after he signed off the so-called fair elections here in Venezuela. I told all my friends, "Don't ever leave the counting of an election to a democrat!" But they all had hoped he would be honest. *sigh*

And I would want to be Israeli if I weren't American.

Anonymous said...

Where does Yitzhak Rabin fit into your picture?