Friday, March 30, 2007

Who is Rep. Bennie Thompson? Is He In Cahoots with Those Crazy Flying Imams?

This week, the US House passed the Rail and Public Transportation Act of 2007 which protects passengers---especially on airplanes and trains---who report suspicious behavior to authorities, without fear of being sued.
It's a good law to protect passengers from lawsuits, after six imams were removed from a US Airways plane bound for Phoenix last year because passengers were alarmed by their crazy behavior. While at the gate, the imams chanted "Allah, Allah, Allah," while making anti-American statements.
After boarding the plane the imams bizarre behavior continued. That is, until some passengers---collectively called John Doe---had enough and reported this to US Air officials while the plane was still on the ground.

The imams were subsequently escorted off the carrier, and later sued the airline for their removal. They contended, in essence, that their rights to bizarre behavior ---when and wherever they wished----over-shadowed the safety concerns of the many on the US Airways flight.
Such is the evolution of victim consciousness and victim rights in America today.
Citizen outrage ensued, as it should have, and ultimately prompted the House vote this week.
But an interesting thing happened on the way to that vote in the House:

Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat and honoree of the Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association, opposed this protection of "John Doe" passengers on none other than grounds that it promotes racial profiling.
For this, Americans should be very concerned.
Rep. Thompson, whose election to Congress was largely funded by contributions from lawyers and law firms, is Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee which oversees homeland security issues for our citizens. He's part of Nancy Pelosi's er, "dream team."

He either will not or cannot recognize the risk to people who are subjected to bizarre behavior by fringe elements like these imams.
Simply amazing!
His sympathies clearly lie with the poor victimized imams as he opined recently: "They (the imams) should have the ability to seek redress in a court of law."
He feels the pain of the few who acted totally inappropriately, but he doesn't feel the pain of the many who, after 9/11, were terrified by these imams outrageous behavior.
For that Thompson should be suspect in the House and removed as chairman of his House Homeland Security Committee.

We need people on our side in Congress, and not politically confused enablers of inappropriate behavior.
And we nee d to know that John Doe can speak up when each of us sees something like this. We can and must report suspicious behavior. Click above and watch HotAir's recent Vent.


Anonymous said...

Webutante, once again you've got your facts wrong. Have you ever head of Google? You should try using it once in a while.

I "googled" the following: Bennie Thompson campaign contributions. That took me to

Looking up Bennie Thompson, you'll find that among those who gave over $10,000, despite your claim that he's funded by "lawyers and law firms", ony one, the American Association for Justice, is a law firm or lawyers group.

His contributions seem to come from a combination of Labor Unions and Businesses, including the AirLine Pilots Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. The breakdown is 60% business and 34% labor unions.

Seriously, do more research before you come out with these wild claims that are not routed in facts. Despite what those of you on the right tend to believe, reality does NOT have a "liberal bias".

Webutante said...

Anonymous, Thank you as always for your astute comment. I have taken the following information from It, in fact collaborates that lawyers and law firms are the top category of support for Mr. Thompson. I submit the following information for your perusal:

Top Industries

The top industries supporting Bennie G. Thompson are:

1 Lawyers/Law Firms $144,011
2 Transportation Unions $92,600
3 Public Sector Unions $61,500
4 Casinos/Gambling $60,656
5 Industrial Unions $49,000
6 Air Transport $48,499
7 Misc Business $44,925
8 Misc Unions $38,500
9 Building Trade Unions $37,500
10 Crop Production & Basic Processing $28,739
11 Candidate Committees $27,750
12 Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $27,000
13 Electric Utilities $25,999
14 Lobbyists $25,258
15 Business Services $24,900
16 Health Professionals $24,050
17 Defense Electronics $22,000
18 Real Estate $19,050
19 Home Builders $19,000
20 Construction Services $18,000
20 Telephone Utilities $18,000