Monday, April 09, 2007

And Now Back To A State Called Denial, A Plan Called Appeasement

Hat tip: Bereft.


Original Anonymous said...

OK, Webutante, now you've got me confused. Bereft's post seems to be against "democratic Islamism" - but isn't that what we support in Iraq? I mean, I know that the reason for our folly in Iraq changes with the seasons, but aren't we encouraging that sort of government through Nouri al-Malaki (DAWA or "Islamic Call" party), Abdel Aziz al-Hakim (SCIRI or "Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq" party) and the various shia militias inside Iraq that both we (and the Iranians) have aligned ourselves with?

"Islamist revivals" are taking place all over the middle east. Why do you think that the Muslim Brotherhood quadrupled the number of seats they held in the Egyptian parliament in the fall '05 elections? Or that Hamas won so handily in the Palestinian territories - a result that apparently "shocked" SofS Condi Rice, which shows you how completely out of touch she is.

Funny to get upset about our aligning oursevles with radical Islamic fundamentalists now - when that's been the US policy in Iraq since about, oh, late '03. No, actually, make that the late '60's/early 70's when we sold our souls to the Saudis in return for an unending supply of sweet, sweet cheap oil.

Webutante said...

I cannot speak for Bereft; however I can for myself: We must have been watching different videos, as the point of it has nothing to do with the straw men which you present and want to dicker over.

Don't have time or the inclination. What you are focusing on here is not the point of the post, by a long shot.

Why don't you go back to Huffington where you are obviously getting most of your information.

I want to publish your comments, but in the future will not when they are so off-topic and absurd.

Original anonymous said...

So...the topic is about the war...and my comments are "off topic and absurd" because they deal with...the war.

Gotcha. My bad.

Never would have assumed that mentioning either the democratically elected leader of Iraq, or the leader of one of the largest Iraqi Shia religious organization (straw men, really?) would cause such commotion.

Webutante said...

Your points have little or nothing to do with the point of the video.

Correct, your bad.

Original Anonymous said...

Sorry, I did not know I couldn't comment on something you linked to. Thought you must have agreed with it or something since you linked to it - and left a comment on that site about enjoying reading the posts there. Figured that was within the bounds of acceptable commenting. I keep misunderstanding things here I guess.

Will take my comments "to Huffington" from now on - which is funny since I don't visit that site very often and have never posted there. Someone else can pick up the slack here offering a different point of view.

Webutante said...

You write well, however, it appears, you are here not so much to be open as to grind an axe that is very liberal and anti-American.

Whether you choose to come back or go, best wishes to you.

Original Anonymous said...

OK, that's out of bounds. How dare you call me anti-American. You can call me a liberal all you want, but don't you ever - EVER - question my commitment to this country.

I've sent my husband off to war for this country. I've lived overseas representing my country. I've lived in every part of the United States - north, south, east and west - moving 8 times since 1995. My husband has been on active-duty service since 1988, and I've supported him the 12 years we've been together.

I have never made an unkind remark to you or about you. I have never posted anything here using bad language. I have presented my arguments in a reasonable manner.

Yet, you chose to question my fidelity to our great country. Of course the 1st ammendment guarantees you that right. My husband fights for your right to call me anti-American. I'll make sure to thank him for that.

Thanks for the invite to return. I wouldn't come back here if you paid me.

Anonymous said...

Okay Webutante, who are our contemporary appeasers?

Jungle Mom said...

Oh but you did come back original anonymous!

Original Anonymous said...

Yeah, I said that I posted above simply to let the newest anonymous America hater what to expect around these parts when bringing up facts, details, quotes from newspapers and the like.

Thanks for your comment though.