Monday, April 09, 2007

A Commenter Asks, Who is a Contemporary Appeaser?

Oh, I don't know, I simply can't imagine. Wink, wink, nod, nod.

UPDATE: Here a Syrian blogger takes Nancy---come let us reason together---Pelosi to task for her Middle Eastern shuttle diplomacy.


Anonymous said...

This video does a great job of mocking the Rovian "San Francisco values" meme that failed to distract 2006 voters from the fact that our best were being maimed and killed in Iraq while Al-Qaeda regroups in Afghanistan.

How does this video support your assertion that Speaker Pelosi is an "appeaser"?

On April 1st, she addressed the Israeli Knesset, during which she declared:

"I will send a message to the president of Syria from the families of the soldiers and from the Cohen family as well," Pelosi said, noting the presence of the families in the room. "We must counter the terrorists' vision of apocalypse and despair with our own vision of hope. International forces in Lebanon must implement the UN resolution effectively. Hizbullah must be disarmed. Iran must not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon."

Members of the Knesset gave her a standing ovation.

Are you suggesting that Speaker Pelosi is appeasing Israel and that somehow Israel is a threat to us?

Original Anonymous said...

Anonymous, don't bother. Seriously. I tried your approach. Wasted months thinking that it was possible to have a rational discussion with this person. Even though I said I wouldn't post here again, I couldn't help but pass along my words of wisdom to you: you'd be better off having your argument with a potted plant - it would be more receptive to your point of view, have more cognitive reasoning ability, and be a better listener, too.

"Facts" tend to be real selective around these parts. Like, for instance, bringing up the the 5 Republicans who traveled to Syria and had discussions with President el-Assad at or around the same time as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Narry a mention. Won't find it on this site. They had similiar discussions, and carried a similiar message, but not only are they not appeasers, they seem to not even exist. If Rush Limbaugh doesn't reguritate it, if Sean Hannity doesn't bloviate it, and if Faux News doesn't make it their "News Alert!!", it has no resonance, can't be trusted, is in bed with al-Qaeda, and loves French wine. And, of course, facts hate America, too.

Good luck in your quest, brave knight. At the end of your journey, I have no doubt Webutante will tar you with the same laughable, limp, tired, pathetically sad feather she tarred me with - asking questions and bringing up other points of view means only one thing: you're a liberal and you hate America.

Webutante said...

My bad.

Jungle Mom said...

Having a grand time watching this play out!

Anonymous said...

Hello Original Anonymous,

I've enjoyed all of your posts and I hope you will continue to contribute.


Thanks or the forum and for having the guts to post viewpoints you don't agree with.