Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Note From A Commenter On the Rosie Post, and My Response

Anonymous Original writes this morning:

"Of course, you have every right not to buy any product that sponsors a show you don't like. I would never, ever, spend one penny of my money on any book Ann Coulter writes - or any book Rosie O'Donnell writes either.

"They are the extremes on the political meter, and both delight in saying outrageous things to get publicity. I don't have much use for either, I guess, but they can say whatever they want.

"My point was that last month you spent a considerable amount of time mocking people who felt offended by what Ann Coulter said, and then this week turned around and felt so outraged at what Rosie O'Donnell said that you are throwing all your detergent away and will never purchase an M&M again.

"More for the rest of us I suppose. Someone here has been using my identity as "anonymous" so I guess I'll go with a new identity, so as not to get all of us anonymouses confused... "


Dear Original Anonymous,

Thank you for your remarks. I see that we are in agreement on some things. I doubt I would buy a Coulter book either and was also offended by her over-the-top rant last month.

While I can boycott various products and services who sponsor people I disagree with, I will staunchly defend the rights of those who say them. Rosie included. Even Bruce Springsteen whom I will no longer listen to. Ditto the Dixie Chickies. And don't even get me started on buying gas at Citgo.

Sorry, I gave the impression that I was "mocking people" who were outraged by Ann Coulter. Being misunderstood goes with this territory at times, and that was never my intention.

In truth, I'm actually outraged by very little these days, though it does happen occasionally. The Rosie thing is not something I'm willing to give much of my power and energy away to, but I do love writing about the First Amendment. I know I can verge on the outrageous at times, and so stand guilty as accused. You're an adult and can take what you choose and leave the rest.

I give my readers credit for their powers of sorting things out for themselves. And knowing that I'm a human being capable of plenty of mistakes, the least of which is spelling and grammer, not to mention a run-away sense-of-mischief. I'm often having fun with this and am sure I can be insufferable at times.

To repeat: I can be a boob and a boor, but hopefully not all the time, and when that happens, I don't expect your forebearance. Walking away and/or taking me to task, within the bounds of decency and my taste meter at least here, is your First Amendment right...

Anyway, thank you for your continued comments and best wishes to you.

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