Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Reason Why Fred Thompson May Be Hesitating

Yesterday, I read a little blurb written by gossip columnist Cindy Adams in the New York Post on why Fred Thompson may be hesitating to officially announce a run for president.

It's an angle I never thought about and goes like this (Adam's sarcasm included):

"Anyway, should Thompson announce, the Federal Communications Equal Time law steps in. "Law and Order," in all its permutations is a big moneymaker. And NBC will be precluded from airing on network or affiliates any "Law and Orders," even reruns, featuring fickle Freddy as the urbane DA. With the segments also on TNT and Bravo, the syndication stuff would have to go away too. Thompson's lawyers are now figuring out how to keep him on the air while he walks for president."

Wow, stunning to realize that all his old episodes would have to be pulled for the duration of his candidacy. And if he wins and goes to the White House? Would the old segments have to stay off the air for four or more years?

It all seems trulyabsurd to me. I can only ponder what might happen if, say, one of the founders of Google decided to run for president. Would the Internet have to shut down?

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