Monday, April 30, 2007

How I Came Back to My Conservative Roots Through Fly Fishing

There is a story here, and I plan to tell it. But for now, I want to say blogging may be light this week as I am heading from D.C. up to New York state and the Delaware River to fish with some of the best fly fishermen anywhere. Real gentlemen sportmen.

How I got to know them, and was influenced by their politics and values---which were much like my father's which I had walked away from years earlier---over the course of a number of wonderful fishing trips into the wilderness for two decades, is a story I hope to share.
Meanwhile, I'm on my way to join a rag tag group of conservative fishermen for the spring Hendrickson hatch up on the Delaware.


Jungle Mom said...

Sounds fun! How I wish you could have come and fished on our village. peacock bass!

Pam said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways! Thankfully, you have come back to the "straight and narrow!" LOL Hope you are having a blast! I must admit, I am a little jealous of you! Have you always been the outdoorsy type?

Webutante said...


For much of my early childhood I was very sick with asthma and in and out of oxygen tents and hospitals. As I grew out of it when I was older, I longed to spend more time outdoors, I suppose as a result of being so sickly as a child.

Today, I have to watch my diet, get plenty of sleep, but the result is I am much healthier and able to do so many things I once couldn't. I love the outdoors and so did my father.

I should write more about that at some point. But feel very blessed that I can do these things. And never take it for granted.