Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thank You, Jungle Mom

Yesterday, I got a comment to go to Jungle Mom's blog from Venezuela, The Jungle Hut, as she had something for me to read there.

So I followed the link back to her latest post and found that she had given me her own brand of approval as a "thinking blog," along with four others (Llano Estacado, and Bereft are two.)

She was most graciousloy sharing the award she herself had been given by another blogger, The Preacher's Wife.

Buried yesterday in tax preparation, I am only now getting a chance to say thank you to her, not just for that mention, but also for her encouragement over the past six or so months as I have struggled with starting and maintaining this blog.

She has been a frequent commenter here, since I started Webutante at a time when I often have had no idea whether anyone was listening.

Because much of my family is very liberal and sadly hates my conservative, Christian perspective, I don't have the same online support or camaraderie with them that I'd like to have. Political correctness and liberal moral relativism abound in my family and has, sadly, caused some interpersonal unpleasantness over the past few years.

Nevertheless, I have resoundingly decided to forge on here no matter what. I need an outlet, and feel called to be here at this time in my life whatever the readership.

So having Jungle Mom read and comment here, has been, and is, a reality that I value greatly and never take for granted. It is especially noteworthy as our politics and world view are very simpatico.

More importantly, we both have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which makes us sisters in this supernatural Body at a stunning time in our world's history.

So while I am new to the blogosphere and am only now starting to explore the riches of thought and reporting from all over the world at my fingertips which she already knows about, I am grateful and pleased that someone of Jungle Mom's integrity, wisdom and unique perspective would take the time to look at my work occasionally, and comment.

Thank you dear woman, and may God bless you, your blog and family greatly.


I am thinking about the blogs that I would turn around and share this award with and will be back later to name them. Sadly, two of my favorites, Port McClellan and a Russian blog have gone out of business in the past few weeks.


Jungle Mom said...

Thank you for those kind words. I enjoy your posts and admire your love for our Lord. It is not easy in this day and age to see the morals and principles of our nation taking a left turn... but you are doing your part. Keep it up! One of the things I admire is your feisty spirit and the rational way you handle rude commenters!

Webutante said...

What else can we say but, er, it's's's a Jungle out there! And you thought you were living in the only real jungle!

My very best to you!

Rancher said...

My liberal family members won’t visit my blog either. They claim no time but I think they're afraid to debate the issues. I'd even welcome trolls but alas I only seem to be preaching to the choir like Jungle Mom, my biggest fan. And thank you JM for introducing me to Webutante, the others I knew about.

Pam said...

Oh this is amazingly wonderful and so very encouraging! I love reading your blog and hope you keep at it. I need to comment more often. I also enjoy visiting Rancher there occassionally! Then of course, Jungle Mom is my sis and thank God, we are *simpatico* in our world view! She is my sister and best of all, my sister in the Lord!

Webutante said...

It's great to meet you both, Pam and Rancher, through JM. What a treat to have new people to read and communicate with. Your feedback---both pro and con---is always welcome.And I will come to read you too.