Friday, April 13, 2007

Paul Wolfowitz, Head of The World Bank, Needs More Than A New Pair of Socks, He Needs a New Job

I hate this because I like Paul Wolfowitz. And I think that's the cutest picture of him above.
But he needs to go as president of the World Bank.
He's lost the respect of his colleagues and employees through his indiscretions--a sexual liason (evidently, one of many through the years) with a woman who worked there at the World Bank and was helped professionally by his pulling some behind-the-scene strings after he arrived. Actually he should never have been appointed to the post of president in the first place, because of this ongoing liason.
Now it's a mess and a distraction to all concerned. And no one at the World Bank has a kind word to say about Wolfowitz. He was booed off the stage after apologizing to employees.
Wolfowitz has lost his moral authority to lead his organization.
He needs a new job where there's no conflict of interest, or even a perceived conflict of interest.
Maybe he will take a little time off and get his socks darned, among other things.
And think about how many people he's alienated by wanting his cake and eat it too.
Whatever was he thinking?
U.S Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is giving Wolfowiz a good-ole-boy network "thumbs up." But he's got it wrong: Hank, it's not about what a good or smart and capable man Wolofowitz is. It's about his being respected enough by World Bank staff and employees to be able to lead the organization forward. And he's lost that, I'm afraid.


Jungle Mom said...

I guess only wives, not girlfriends, darn socks!

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MUD said...

I am curious how a woman could even be around a man that doesn't care enough to throw away socks when they are worn out. How sloppy are his other habits? If a man came into your bed room with socks like that wouldn't you be repulsed? MUD