Monday, December 11, 2006

Two Great Ideas for Christmas/Holiday Giving

This Christmas/Holiday Season, why not give the gift of eternal vigilance?

Each of the videos above: "Relentless--The Struggle for Peace in the Middle East" and "Obsession--Radical Islam's War Against the West"--are one hour DVDs well worth watching.

Filled with facts and figures, it is a quick and painless history lesson that brings viewers up to speed on history in the Middle East and the War on Terror. These films clearly delineate between radical and moderate Islam and clearly show that moderate Muslims are in as great a danger as Christians and Jews if they do not go along with the radical agenda of jihad.

Your family and friends don't take the threats of extreme, militant Islam seriously? They don't have time to read a long book or weed out propaganda from truth in the main stream media? No problem, an hour passes quickly in each of these spellbinding and compelling films. You say friends don't believe Jihad is going forward on the backs of Islamic children who are being brainwashed from the cradle on to die for Allah? It's time to think again and wake up to the most stunning reality of all.

Both of these DVDs are sure to open many eyes in short order of all those fortunate enough to buy, receive and watch them.

Do yourself and your country a favor, give one or both of these important DVDs (or watch Relentless above in full on the web) for Christmas. And watch them yourself. While you still can.

Because there won't be anymore Christmas or Hanukkah under sharia law. And the price of our religious freedoms and great economic/political heritage is eternal vigilance.

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