Monday, December 04, 2006

Issues of Legal Immigration and New Citizenship Test

From The Heritage Foundation, some key policy papers on legal immigration:

".....the key to America’s uniquely successful immigration story, lies in a deliberate and self-confident policy of patriotic assimilation—welcoming newcomers while insisting that they learn and embrace America’s civic culture and political institutions, thereby form­ing one nation from many peoples. While there are many differences of opinion when it comes to the overall number of immigrants and the process by which they come to this country, the one point on which there has always been widespread, bipartisan agreement is that those who come here should become Americans.

The overwhelming result of this assimilation policy, throughout the course of American history, has been a strengthening of our social capital, a continuing expansion of our general economy, and the constant renewal of our national purpose. America has been good for immigrants, and immigrants have been good for America. And so, as the issue is debated once again, it is imperative to revive the very policy that makes American immigration work, and get back to the hard and noble task of making citizens."

Read it all here.

Also, there are going to be some new questions on the US citizenship test soon. Read here. What, we're going to emphasize the our country's political tradition! What a novel, politically incorrect idea. And it's about time.

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