Tuesday, December 19, 2006

America Falls in Love with a Fantasy: It's An O-Bama-Nation

The Paris Hilton of candidates, all style and no substance, the liberal's favorite candidate is seen as being someone bearing hope, with fresh new ideas.

Oh please.

Pardon me for laughing. Obama has virtually no experience . He is a face guy with a nice presentation. But when I read about his liberal voting record, he gets less and less handsome by the minute.

We're at war. And electing this kind of candidate is no way to win that war.

I have written more about this candidate here.

And as for Obama's self-described "boneheaded" mistake back in Chicago, you can read more here.

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Stacie Florer said...

I loved the pearls! But this picture is nice also. Since I work with pearls, I thought the other picture exceptionally fine, but in this picture you look less Southern and very continental.