Monday, December 11, 2006

If Barack Becomes President, It Would Be An "O-bama-nation"

I wish this was an original thought, but it's not. This clever pun was told to me recently by one of my computer geniuses who help me regularly with my computer and blog. Thanks, Will P, for making my day with a good and clever pun. But, in truth, the reality of its poignancy is not very funny.

Now say it again: If Barack becomes president, God forbid, it would be an "O-bama-nation" that our country can ill afford. With virtually no experience, and little but looks and evidently some charisma, the left is looking for a candidate to have a lovefest with in all the wrong places. Style over substance to the max.

In a word, an O-bama-nation.

I have written a longer post on Barack here.

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