Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pressing Forward into the New Year and Being Aware of the Real Twilight Zone

Several inspirational year-end messages can be heard by clicking on the links below:

This includes a timely sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah as we look forward to the New Year: Taking stock and setting goals is important, learning to say no in order to say yes is always a challenge, and not letting past mistakes paralyze us into inaction are all topics covered by Dr. Jeremiah in today's message here.

Then, in case you've been thinking where Saddam Hussein might be, after being hung several days ago, Chuck Swindoll addresses the real twilight zone and why we need to think about where we're headed after we die here. And part 2 of this talk is here. Both are from Swindoll's most highly requested talks series of 2006.

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