Sunday, December 17, 2006

Advent: A Look at Islam Contrasted with Christianity

In a sermon from a few years back, Lon Solomon pastor of McLean Bible Church in McLean, Virginia talks about the religion of Islam and contrasts it to Christianity here.

And remember, for millions of Muslims worldwide, there is no, I repeat NO, separation between church and state. Under Islamic sharia law, the caliphate is the highest spiritual and political leader of in any land. Muslims worldwide seek this law to be the highest law of every land in the world including our land here in the United States.

Then Solomon gives a sermon about the Virgin Birth Jesus Christ here.

This is must listening for believers and non-believers in Jesus Christ alike.

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Anonymous said...

Although the movie isn't completely faithful to the biblical accounts of Christ's birth, I thought it seemed to do a pretty good job overall.
Especially meaningful to me was the way they portrayed the relationship between Mary and Joseph; and, especially the treatment Mary received from Joseph and her family and neighbors once they learned that she had become pregnant while still engaged to Joseph, but not by Joseph. I thought it seemed very realistic, and hadn't really considered the kind of shame she (and later, Joseph) must have endured from neighbors who didn't understand. I felt the movie drew this matter out well, although Scripture is mostly silent about it (with the possible exception of Jn. 8:41). I thought that the actors who played Joseph and Herod the Great did outstanding jobs, as well as those who played some of the adult characters, such as Mary's father and mother and a woman who played one of their neighbors.