Thursday, December 07, 2006

Note from Some Leftwing Nut Who's Wearing Me Out About My Blog Photo Being Dowdy

Okay, so he's an old friend. "Old" in the sense that I've known him since, well, I was a liberal newspaper reporter a long time ago. He's still a liberal, though I've grown up...and I promise, he's the last liberal man I'm ever going out with---even to dinner---on any sort of regular basis. Anyway, this man has been wearing me out for two months about my blog photo, which I like and he detests. I'm sick of hearing it and so am giving him my front page to air his hostility publicly. Then maybe he'll pipe down, Otis, and I can get back to making fun of his favorite liberals.

I've told him that this is not the dating game and I'm not the bacholerette and I like my civilized photo with pearls------all to no avail. So without further ado, I shall give you a man on a mission---to get me to find another photo for my blog:


Ms. Webutante,

Terrific writing, even from your right wing point of view. Although you are out of step with the rest of America, i.e. recall the last election, your take on a variety of other subjects makes for good reading. You would undoubtedly make a first rate journalist.

Now friends tell me you are an attractive woman of many talents and interests. Though I must say your prudish photograph portrays you more as a Belle Meade tea-sipping socialite, which is fine (I even know a couple of Belle Meaders) and certainly befits your political philosophy. However, not the vibrant, outdoor loving fly fisherwoman who has waded treacherous rivers across the world in search of the wily claim your admirers.

You're in your early forties? Forgive me, you look seventy. Or so says your photo. Keep up the good work. But for God's Sake, get a new photo and show the world the tiger within you.

And remember, I taught you everything you know about fly fishing.



Webutante said...
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Webutante said...


All I got to say is just be glad you're not saying all this to your favorite columnist, Maureen Dowd, whose "inner tiger" might be a bit more unruly than mine--the concept of "neutering" comes to mind in thinking what her response might be.

Nevertheless, I shall take your suggestions under advisement and am glad you finally got it off your chest.

Just call me,

"Maureen Dowdy"

AskMom said...

Now, now, HG. If women's lib is to mean anything at all, it has to mean that we can post dowdy pictures on our blogs if we want.

You didn't teach ME everything I know about fly fishing and if you go look at my website you will see another oh-so-wrong picture. Feel free to post a criticism if it makes your day brighter.

Personally, I don't think there are enough instances of pearl wearing, strict behavior and high starched collars out there. But hey, I'm just another backsliding, lapsed liberal like Webutante. What would I know? I even make my grandchildren eat their vegetables and go to bed on time. Prayers are mandatory too. I suppose when they are bigger they'll sue. Should be fun.