Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Couple of Days with Some Good Books, a Tennis Racquet and Family

I just caught up with Instapundit and Dr. Helen chilling out in Key West, Roger Simon cross-country skiing in Washington state and Port McClellan kayaking around Newport Beach, CA. So for the record, I am with family at Kiawah Island, SC for a couple of days of tennis, reading and walking on a chilly beach. The weather so far is atrocious but supposed to brighten up Wednesday.

Just checked the Drudge Report to see that Saddam's death sentence was upheld in court and he's scheduled to hang within 30 days. Joel Rosenberg has written about it here. I think what is has to say is both compassionate and clear. It's also very hard to do.

I'm beginning to come out of my holiday funk as I have started eating sensibly again. My daughter told me the family was arranging an intervention to get me off rolls, croissants, Charlotte Russe and pumpkin pie, all of which have added to my sense of being sluggish both physically and emotionally over the past week. I have eaten more sugar and white flour in the past week than in the past year and have certainly felt it.

Anyway, I'm on my way to have a salad for dinner and intend to keep cutting down drastically on starches and completely eliminating all sugars. A few tennis clinics tomorrow should help me shake off the last vestiges of those incredible blahs.


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MBMc said...

Tennis, reading , and walking sounds pretty good to me, Webutante.

Merry Christmas