Friday, December 29, 2006

Here We Go Again: John Edwards

An editorial in Investors Business Daily sets the record straight about millionaire trial lawyer John Edwards running for president (again) and starting to harp (again and again) on two Americas:

"Edwards is right: There are two Americas. One believes in the genius of the American people. The other believes in the power of trial lawyers and government."

Read the whole thing here.

What would we do without candidates with messianic complexes to the rescue with easy fixes that they say only government and litigation can cure? And when will we ever get it that government isn't the primary answer to most of our problems and never will be?

The Constitution enumerates what the federal government responsibilities are and in most cases they are not what Edwards says they are.

Edwards wants to be a part of the solution of the healthcare crisis that up until now he has only helped to create and perpetuate.

Healthcare costs have skyrocketed for the average man primarily for two reasons: 1) out-of-control class action lawsuits for medical malpractice where there are no caps on hugh settlements, which we all end up paying for, and 2) lack of personal responsibility in both health savings accounts and individual health habits that ask us to focus more on prevention of disease and wellness. Personal responsibility includes focus on diet, exercise and giving up smoking, excessive drinking and sugar addictions, among other things.

There are increasing numbers of people--who Edwards is appealling to-- who want to take no responsibility for themselves, their health or finances, and would rather have government take care of them. T

The system, no matter what politicians like Edwards promise, will eventually break under the strain. Just ask the state of Tennessee what has happened to the budget under the strain of Tenncare and how it has threatened to bankrupt the entire state system and close down state government on several occasions.

Candidates like Edwards only perpetuate the myth and the false hope of quick government fixes for issues like healthcare.

Warning, much harping by Edwards ahead. Sadly, many people will grab onto his false hopeful harping only to be once again disappointed as 75 million retirees enter the system expecting government to take care of them.

Edwards promises false only hope and ultimate disappointment. I won't even get into the issue of New Orleans right now. That's for another post.

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