Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blood in the Water, My Water Too, And I Don't Like It, Mr. Baker

Over at Joel Rosenberg, a post on how Iran will read the Iraq Study Group's Report: Blood in the Water. Read the whole thing here.

And then remember, when the great conflagration nears, James Baker the chairman of the ISG, will take his private plane and head for his huge spread of land and trout streams and happy hunting grounds out in Wyoming, near the Green River, and hole up there, as best he can.

Mr. Baker is a fly fisherman, as I am. And he knows well the rules of the river. So Mr. Baker, from one fishing enthusiast to another, just between the two of us, I don't like you messing up the water so that no one else can use it. Blood in the water is simply not acceptable. And I venture to guess Dick doesn't like you messing up our water either. It's all so sloppy.

So take a chair, please, and let it recover as best it can.

What are you trying to do, man, get us all killed?

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