Friday, July 06, 2007

Welcome Home, Jungle Mom, As Victor Prepares To Convert to Islam!

Rita Vernoy, aka Jungle Mom, has just arrived back in the United States in the past week with her family, after leaving Venezuela where they have lived and worked as Christian missionaries for almost thirty years. She has been blogging from there for almost a year at The Jungle Hut, which I link to in my sidebar.

She knows first hand what's happening in Venezuela. No doubt Rita will keep her readers well informed with news and commentary there, even as she makes the adjustment back to living in the United States for now.

In a chilling post ysterday, she tells of the expected and imminent conversion of Venzuelan dictator Victor Chavez from Roman Catholism to Islam.

She writes, "I can only say that America needs to be aware of what is going on in our back yard. Iran is using Venezuela as a staging ground, a forward thrust into the hemisphere if you will."

The Venezuelan-Iranian connection is a new axis of evil and one that we in this country should be most concerned about. Thanks for keeping us well informed, Rita.


Jungle Mom said...

You surprised me again!!

Bob said...

I had not read that post. I heard on the radio that Venezuela supplies the U.S. with 18% of our oil. That seems high to me, but, nevertheless, we better keep our eyes and ears on Chavez, no matter how disgusting that might be.