Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some Accomplishments of the Bush Era

Bush and Iraq loathing has reached such a fever pitch in America and the MSM today that it's easy, even for conservatives, to lose sight of some of the very real accomplishments of the Bush era. I believe that history will deal far more kindly with Bush than the braying masses. Here are some things to remember from Invincible Armor on Bush's successful agenda:
  • Aggressively fighting the war, expanding and rebuilding the military, and
    trying to transform it into a 21st-century fighting force;
  • Lowering taxes and making the cuts permanent;
  • Security measures such as the Patriot Act, the NSA al-Qaeda intercept
    program, the SWIFT surveillance program, National Security Letters, and so forth;
  • Allowing faith-based organizations to fully participate in charitable
    governmental functions;
  • Reform of Social Security, MediCare, and other
    entitlement programs to introduce at least some element of privatization;
  • The various border-security and employer-enforcement provisions of the
    recently killed immigration bill, all of which Bush supports (and none of which the Democrats support);
  • Appointing federal judges who believe in judicial restraint;
  • Firm opposition to abortion and embryonic stem-cell research,
    particularly federal funding;
  • Unwavering support for traditional marriage and opposition to same-sex "marriage".
The areas of disagreement, while often intense, are dwarfed by the things with which we share common ground. It's easy for us to lose sight of the positive in the face of constant and vocal opposition. Let us not forget the amazing boom in the economy for anyone hard working and resourceful enough to take advantage of it.

And let us not forget the Democrats have declared war on this amazing prosperity. John Edwards is going to be in our face soon as he begins his upcoming and farcical "poverty tour" soon. I can hardly wait to watch the Silky Pony re-invent recent history for his own personal gain, even as he flies in Hollywood hairdresses to cut and style his hair while on the road.


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for this excellent job of pointing out some amazing accomplishments.

jenny said...

What kind of fantasy land are you living in??

6 years after 9/11 - bin Laden releases another video today. A just released Government report says Al Qaeda strongest since 9/11. Bush had him cornered and squandered the chance to catch him and wipe out al Qaeda because he saw greener pastures (oil) in Iraq. Then he proceeded to lose control of a country resulting in a half million deaths, 4.2 million refugees, a civil war, and more terrorists... not much to show for the half trillion $ we've spent.

And with regard to immigration, has anyone hired any contractors lately? 11 millions illegals came in on Bush's watch.

And lets not forget - a history review on the run up to 9/11. Bush was warned specifically and repeatedly about an impending al Qaeda attack - 40 times in Presidential Daily Brief’s from March 23-Sept 10, 01. Bush repeatedly refused Anti Terrorism Director Richard Clarke’s requests for meetings on the bin Laden threat, and then, amid all these months of specific and dire threats and warnings, what did our Commander in Chief do? He went on vacation… for a month.

And yes, Bush and his administration lied about Iraq. These 237 lies are documented in the Congressional Record and on this House of Representatives website in a neat, searchable index.

Pam said...

Amen girl! Your point was well made in that we lose view of the positives due to being beaten down with the exaggerated negatives all the time!

jenny said...

Yeah pam, show me one thing that I said here that is exaggerated. I cite sources, I report, you cheerlead.

Calvin said...

How often are these facts overlooked? Just like the steady, steady drumbeat of terrible and negative news that we get from CNN and the MSM about our progrss in IRAQ.

With the exception of an unknown report on, there is no good news about anything positive in IRAQ.

If you see the transcripts from any interview with Tony Snow. your can hear some of the real truth.