Thursday, July 26, 2007

Straight From My Middle East Bureau

Two peas, er, in a pod? How in the name of heaven did they get these creatures in the back of that little Peugeot truck? Amazing.

My least favorite animals in the entire world, they have a disposition only Arab dictators can appreciate. And oh, the spitting they can do with impunity when they're out of sorts. My adorable daughter talked me into riding one of these beasts with her when we were in Israel last year....she loved seeing me terrified and totally out of my element! What a relief to finally disembark.

Hat tip: It's Knuttz

And here is a good laugh, if you liked She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy. Country music, Baghdad-style. Maybe this is really Allahpundit?


Anonymous said...

I would have sworn this was a photoshop but...look at the tires... those two look like they are really in there, since the tire is showing as having a lot of weight in the truck...

Jungle Mom said...