Monday, July 30, 2007

Update on Sudan: Al-Qaeda Coming Back

According to a report sent to me today, the radical Islamic government in Khartoum, Sudan is allowing Al-Qaeda back into the country to help put down all insurgencies against the government and to thwart U.N. peacekeeping efforts there, especially in Darfur where native Muslims have been slaughtered en masse by radical Arab Islamic Muslims, especially the radical militia called the Janjeweed. Al-Qaeda is being welcomed back to join the fray. As you remember, Sudan is where Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden lived for three years in the early 90s, before moving his movement and training camps to Afghanistan.

This is not necessarily new news, but simply a reality worth repeating.

We are in a war with radical Islam. It is the continuation of a war that goes back over a thousand years. It is a global war for the hearts and minds of people everywhere. And it is a war that threatens all aspects of our way of life, including all of our freedoms.

Thank you HR for sending this.

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