Thursday, July 05, 2007

Life in the Slow Lane

Have been away for a day and also on the river. Want to get back to posting soon, but first need to reorganize my life. That may take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours with a good night's sleep thrown in.

As many of you know firsthand, the West is extremely hot and dry and in fact, had I not been standing in a very cold river most of the day in shorts and sandals, I would have stayed inside and out of the hot sun. We need rain desperately in the West and if we don't get it soon, there will be major forest fires breaking out all over the place.

Have a safe, slow long weekend.


Jungle Mom said...

Here in "sunny" is raining. I envy your time on the river. Thanks for all the kind comments you have left for me lately!!!

APBIDDLE said...

Back home in Tennessee, it is so dry that if I droped a match in my yard, it would burn to the ground.

Webutante said...

Sorry to hear that, AP. It continues to be terribly dry here and in fact, we're a forest fire waiting to happen.

I miss Tennessee!