Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Enemies Must Be Thrilled at the Thought of "President Obama," Meanwhile Mitt's Looking Pretty Good

Mr. Nice Guy. Wants to negotiate with terrorists. It's not about punishing countries by not talking to them. It's that there's nothing to talk about. Would you really want to sit down and negotiate with a burglar who was breaking into your house or who intended killing you and your family? Our man Obama seems to be more than willing. And it's scares me to death.

And even Hillary says that Obama is clearly a naive young man who hasn't a clue of the real dangers we face. He comes across as soft, weak and way too nice. Wet behind the ears.

Meanwhile, Mitt is sounding very strong and presidential. Sorry to say he's gaining on Thompson. Where is Fred, anyway? Mitt's coming to Jackson Hole soon and passing the hat for some of the the big, big bucks that hang out here. And he's hanging tough about being victorious in the war in Iraq. Strong momentum.

Note Romney's subtle jab at Thompson about running for president with young children. Of course JFK did it, but in the final analysis, Thompson, with little kids and lymphoma, may have two strikes against him that Romney doesn't seem to have.

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Vienna VA said...

Mitt Romney is the father of five healthy, heterosexual sons. Not one has ever served or is currently serving in the military. Not one.

Talk is cheap. Want to win the war? How about encouraging your own children to take part? The Army has missed its recruiting goal the last two months. Those who don't want to serve in the military can help in other ways. The State Department is short over 1,000 diplomats. They have a strong need for people to serve in both Afghanistan and Iraq. If your child shows an aptitude for language, encourage them to learn Arabic. The US Embassy in Baghdad currently has only 10 Arabic speakers rated as 3/3, meaning a general professional fluency level.

Winning this war will require more than soundbites. We need a call for all Americans to take part in this decades long war, and stop relying on the same people to do the heavy lifting time after time after time.