Monday, July 23, 2007

To Me, From Southern Sudan, With Love

The next chapter of my life is coming, and it will involve much less time in the wonderful West and on trout streams, and much more time and resources devoted to causes I deeply care about and believe in. How many big trout can one person catch in a lifetime, in good conscience, anyway?

One of those causes closest to my heart is Sudan, especially Southern Sudan, where native peoples and Christians are racing against the clock and against Arab Muslims who would destroy them all through genocide---both in the South (where Arabs have killed hundreds of thousands of Christians) and in the western region of Darfur (where Arabs have killed hundreds of thousands of native Muslims)--- in radical Islam's unrelenting, manic drive to take over the world though jihad.

Here, refugees are returning in the south of the country and beginning to resettle around grass community centers/Christian churches that are springing up on the border with Ethiopia. They are clinging to life and hope by a thread, but cling they can and must. Make no mistake, the radical muslims in the north and Khartoum want these people to submit, convert or to die.

Thank you Hearty for sending this photo. And God bless you, your people and their indomitable spirits.


Jungle Mom said...

awesome! I want to go there!!!!Iis there a way to be involved and help?

Pam said...

Oh Web! Your burden for these dear people caused me to weep! What a wonderful American and Conservative you are! Oh but aren't we conservatives supposed to be cold and hard hearted? Christ makes such a difference in our lives though!

Webutante said...

Let me post my comment again, Rita.

There is an endless need in Sudan, especially southern Sudan for help of all kinds--they need missionaries, money and moral support of all kinds.

Right now I am called to contribute to the building of small grass roof Christian churches and community centers. But there is no end to the many ways each of us can contribute. First and foremost, I would suggest praying about it and seeing how and what you feel led to do.

If you continue to feel a leading for Christians in need in Sudan, then feel free to let me know and I will put you in touch with my contacts.

I would like to go to Sudan at some point in the next year, but as always will pray and see if this is a real calling or just my own ego.

And Pam, thank you for your commennt One never knows where the Spirit may lead.