Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, More on Motherhood At McLean Bible Church

Lon Solomon talks about the humanness of Cathy Lanier, the new police chief of Washington, D.C., who credits her mother for never giving up on her, in this important sermon on motherhood.

What are the four best ways mothers can affect their children for Christ and thus their eternal destiny? How does a mother raise and then go on to civilize her children?

Lon gives a practical guide on what we can do from early life and encourages us to stay steadfast and immovable in whatever tasks are appropriate for us to do at the stage we are at with our children. And sometimes that is only to pray for them. I say "only" in the sense that it is also everything, as in the greatest gift we can give our children and loved ones.


Last night when commenter MizzE wrote about her mother's prayer when she was a little girl, I was so sleepy, I missed this wonderful link she left in her post. So I want to link to it today. It's a beautiful tribute to our mothers, "It Must Have Been My Mother's Faith." Listen and weep and don't miss LizzE's lovely comment too. It's so nice to have made her acquaintance these past few weeks. You can follow it back to her own beautiful blog too.


MizzE said...

....And sometimes that is only to pray for them. Only in the sense that it is also everything, as in the greatest gift of all.

This reminds me of the night I found out my mother had a direct line to THE OPERATOR. I was 16. I awoke in the middle of the night with a pain in my head so unbearable, my screams woke her up. She came down the hall into my bedroom and started ministering all known remedies. Aspirin, calm assurance, cold compresses. But nothing helped. I thought my head was going to explode. Finally and in her loving voice, she said: "I know of nothing else to do for you except pray." So she held me and prayed. I don't recall her words, but I do know my pain did not gradually fade - it totally disappeared instantly. It's a small story. I'm sure others have similar recollections of their Mother's who prayed and larger calamities were healed or averted, but that's the moment I learned the depth of "my Mother's faith".

Over the years I'm sure it was her prayers and His love that allowed me to rise out of a wreck - ever time.

Webutante said...

That's a great story, Mizze.

It wasn't my mother who was the prayer warrior in my family, but rather my father. I fully believe he prayed me into the Kingdom. Prayed every night on his knees until almost the week he died.

I fully believe we may not always see the results of our prayers in the same immediate way you did that night with your mother, however, I know that every prayer is acted upon in God's own timing and way.

Bob said...

MizzE is the real thing. So are Robin Starfish, Juliec, and ussBen. These are wonderful people whom I count as friends, after just a few weeks of daily blogging with them. I plan also to add you to the list of blogs I check daily, as I have just read through all your current posts.

Webutante said...

Thank you, Bob. I look forward to getting to know you all better.