Monday, May 21, 2007

Listen Up, Mr. Carter, Like It Or Not, Mr. Bush's Exit Strategy in Iraq Is Simple: Victory First, Then Freedom For Its People

Those of us who occassionally remember history, recall President Bush saying the following to Congress and the American people on September 20, 2001:

"Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have seen. Our war with terror begins with al-Qaida, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated."

What praytell, Mr. Carter, don't you get about the words "lengthy campaign?" Have you never gotten over the Civil War and Sherman's March to the Sea through Georgia?

I think not and it shows in your pacifism, appeasement and lack of patience in this long war, unlike any other. You're a quitter and defeatist.

Does the phrase "Stay the course" mean anything to you? Lincoln and Sherman used it quite successfully in reuniting the Union and ending slavery in this country for once and for all.

Don't you recall these facts from history? All wars are frought with mistakes, near defeats and dark nights of the soul. Did General Dwight Eisenhower anticipate the Battle of the Bulge? Didn't President Lincoln have to fire the incredibly incompetent General George McClellan and install Generals U.S. Grant and William T. Sherman at a time when all seemed lost for the Union and his presidency?

Now Bush has hired General Petraeus to head the campaign in Iraq and implement a new "surge" strategy. And you want to cut and run before we've had time to let it work?

Disgraceful, Mr Carter. Simply disgraceful. And you have the nerve to befriend thugs and dictators like Chavez and Arafat and then speak to Bush with such disdain and arrogance. It's a disgrace.

And speaking of your corner of the world, Jimmy, sounds like you need to think about a withdrawal strategy yourself. (Hat tip, Pajamas Media). Oh, you're not willing to withdraw from the Carter Center.

However you may judge Bush in the near-term, I believe history will vindicate him on all the above.


Jungle Mom said...

You go girl!! kuddos!

Bob said...

Yes, he is a disgrace!

rex said...

Webutante, you are right on with this one!
In our office, back in Carter’s presidency, we used to refer to him as: The Grinning Dunce!

Calvin said...

What is this criticism from a man whose army could not even reach their objective in order to conduct a raid?

This man is a disgrace! And yes, I'll say it, an anti-Semite! Exhibit A: Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid

And this addled idiot who spouts pacifism and appeasement is terribly desperate to gain any small measure of respect after his failed presidency.
Even if that respect comes from the Looney left who wont admit that the Carter presidency is the worst ever in American history.

This Looney left is the group who is being appeased by the congressional democrats who want to set a definite surrender date in Iraq.

These same congressional democrats are the ones who unanimously approved of sending General Petraeus to manage the "surge" and now they are attempting
to prevent him from getting the funds that he needs to carry out the mission that they sent him to do.

I will now say exactly what they all said when they sent him on his mission: "God speed General Petraeus".

Pam said...

Right on! I was sickened by the results of an AOL poll today. For every question, Carter had the highest score over Bush! I just can't believe people can rate a dud like ol' Jimmy Boy and not see the nobleness in our President!

Webutante said...

Pam, I think we are living in times when black seems white and white seems black. Good and evil are reversed in this politically correct world.

Jimmy Carter certainly personifies this reversed perspective.

Perhaps the end is closer than we know....

MizzE said...

If ever there was one photo to demon-on-strate
the Face of Perfidy - you found it. Good job!

Webutante said...

Indeed, does he look like a happy man?