Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fly Fishing 101: Dull, Dull, Quiet, Boring Lonely Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice

It all starts here in a lonely field, an empty parking lot, behind a shopping center. Fly fishing maniacs begin and end by working on their cast like this. For hours, days, weeks, years. Boring, focused, quiet, lonely, exhilerating.

And when you get out West and the wind gusts up to 40 miles/hour, this practice makes it all the more worthwhile. One can learn to cast well without being a good fly fisher, but one cannot be a good fly fisher without learning to cast and put that fly exactly where you intend to.

Bet you thought fly fishing mainly took place on water.


Pam said...

Oh My! I never thought of it in these terms! Its like playing piano. Practice makes perfect! Cute post!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a carnegie hall joke in there somewhere?

Practice, Practice, Practice.